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I asked for and received this book for Christmas. I heard about it from interviews about the anniversary of the shooting during the year and was interested. What the book isn’t is an in depth analysis of the North Hollywood shooting. If you want something like that, visit the LAPD Historical Society in Highland Park. You will learn all you will ever want to know and see actual artifacts. Really go visit, the place is awesome.

This instead is a great book about one officer’s career highlights and his personal experience during the shootout. I was expecting most of the book to be about the shootout. I was pleasantly surprised as it including the officer’s entire career. Compare it to when you run into a retired cop and they start telling stories. The book reads like that and it is fun to read. Very enjoyable as I like personal stories and everyone has a life full of stories to tell. One of my favorite things about the book is that cops often have trouble with relationships. Not this guy. He made every effort to give credit to his wife for always being there for him and for being very supportive. I thought it portrayed an interesting and loving picture of the teamwork needed for a couple to survive when one spouse has a very stressful job. The part of the book that does cover the shootout was interesting especially if you watched and remember the events of that day. As I was reading it, I would visualize what I saw on tv that day and was able to develop a vivid mental picture of what was being described.

I would recommend this book to anyone from people who like police stories to people wanting to become officers. It’s not a technical book about police work, it’s very easy to read, and entertaining.

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